Steve St. Claire

Stephen (Steve) St. Claire, President

Steve is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Stout in Construction and Business (B.S.). He manages the daily business operations including staffing, operations planning, fleet purchasing, finance, office operations, and project estimating/management.

Phone: 651.439.1637
Email: office @ millerexc.com

Scott St. Claire

Scott St. Claire, Vice President

Scott is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – River Falls in Business Administration and Finance (B.S.). He assists in the management of the daily business operations including fleet purchasing, finance, office and field operations, and project estimating/supervision.

Phone: 651.439.1637
Email: office @ millerexc.com

Peter Miller

Peter J. Miller, Former President/Founder

Pete founded the company in 1957 and passed on his well-known legacy of construction and excavating experience to Steve, Scott and other long-time employees. He continues with the business today in an advisory capacity.

Phone: 651.439.1637
Email: office @ millerexc.com

Other Key Contacts

Office Manager:

Mary C. O’Brien

Mary has been a Miller employee since 1990 and a family friend for many years. As a graduate of the U of M, she brings a professional office demeanor, advanced computer training, and local insights and contacts to the business.

Operations Manager:

Jared Richert

Jared has worked at Miller Excavating since 2001. He is a key coordinator for business operations between the office and job sites which includes staffing, materials, supplies, permits, and specialty equipment for a variety of projects, especially for emergency and non-emergency utility repair response.

Equipment Supervisor:

Drew Stoen

Drew has a long employment relationship with Millers and spent time in the US Navy. He brings a talent for equipment repair, welding, and fleet planning to the company. Drew works with office planning to coordinate needed purchases and equipment repair scheduling.

Miller Excavating also operates with 30-35 foreman, operators, truck drivers, mechanics, and laborers that make up the job, pit, and shop crews. Many of our dedicated employees have been with us for over fifteen to twenty years.